Wire Clippers Adjustment

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Alright, so currently I feel like a lot of you agree that wire clippers are waaay too fast for defusal sometimes, so, I have an idea

Just like how the numbers are displayed on the top left in random sequence for defusal, you could have the top right display random colour, so have it say red, blue, or yellow (or whatever the bomb wire colours are, also doesn't have to display a colour, it could say R for red, B for blue, and Y for Yellow) so you have to snip them in a sequence rather than zooming through them like my local meth addict when he gets his grubby hands on 17 gallons of ketamine. Would reduce the amount of times where people just run up and snip it, winning the round because the bomb was not being watched for 2 seconds, and there are usually T's alive and near the bomb when it happens, but around a corner or something. I feel like it would help balance and remove some frustrations.

Under consideration Suggested by: Draygon Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 0

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