New reload system further improvements

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I think for me the new reloading is missing three subtle things that I have seen in other games that makes it feel not quite there:

Firstly being the way mags work, when you put them in your hand immediately lets go and this is in no way realistic, having it so that they go in and your hand is still attached until you as a player let go would make them feel much more like solid objects and realistic, this to be clear need not apply to pistols, shotgun shells, or stripper clips

Secondly I noticed that the insertion of individual bullets other than with tube shotguns went unchanged and I think adding the same sort of polish as other guns when inserting could go a long way especially with the revolver

Thirdly and perhaps the most simple of all is the act of grabbing itself is still just a snap to type of action, I believe it would be much better with a very short animation between hand poses, in the real world no things simply snap like that thus when done in vr it feels unrealistic

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Comments: 1

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