Limited ammo lobby setting

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Some people love these mechanics, some people hate it, and some people are indifferent or just grin and bear it. As it stands, the current ammunition system is very unintuitive and makes the game play more clunky. The inability to choose your own weapons also sees people just killing themselves or each other over and over in spawn until they get a weapon they like more.

I see no reason these mechanics should be outright removed but I do believe they should be an OPTIONAL setting the host of the lobby or the server itself allocates rather than forcing everyone to adhere to it. Let people play this amazing new WW2 content with the same mechanics as vanilla Pavlov. Allow players to use the unlimited ammo system and purchase WW2 weapons from the UI like before if they so choose to play that way.

If there is a concern about AT Rocket spam, perhaps this could have limited ammunition the same way you can only purchase a limited amount of grenades?

Thank you for your consideration!

Planned Suggested by: Asherron Upvoted: 18 Apr Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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